” Effectiveness of Indonesian Copyright Act to Protect Indilabel Musical Works “

Research funded by the Program A2 Grant, conducted by: Yuliati, SH. LL.M., 2004


Indonesia legal system on Intellectual Property law has actually regulated copyright since 1982 by enacted the first copyright act (8/1982). Up until now, this act had been amended continuously in order to comply with the current issues. Even though this act has amended three times since 1987, 1997 and 2002, however, the legal protection on musical works seems not adequate; tremendous increasing number of pirated musical works (cassettes, VCD, DVD) proves it clearly that spreading widely in Indonesia.
This research presents three major issues: first, to what extent Indonesia Copyright act giving sufficient protection to indilabel musical works; to what extent the legal officers’ role in implementing copyright act 19/2002; to what extend Indonesia Collecting Society role in protecting musicians’ moral and economical rights.
This research uses not only juridical approach but also empirical approach, since there are two main problems that need different approach. Juridical approach uses to solve the problem related to consistency between of Indonesia copyright law and its regulations. Meanwhile, empirical approach uses to solve the problems concerning to affecting of Indonesia copyrights law in society and to know the implementation of it recently.

Complete research report


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