” Protection of Computer Program through Intellectual Property Rights”


Computer program has been recognised as a valuable asset for companies as well as individuals that create or own it. Computer program becomes a new kind of property that like other tangible properties is protected by law to prevent other people or companies from exploiting it without the permission of the owner of the computer program. The law that specifically deals with the protection of computer program is known as “the Law of Intellectual Property Rights”.

One of the Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia (CRS4)’s main products is computer program. It is important for the CRS4’s staff to know how to protect the computer program that they have created from being infringed by other institutions or individuals that could cause loss to the CRS4. It is also equally important for them to know how to avoid committing innocent infringement to other’s computer program that could raise a legal suit against the CRS4.

The purposes of presenting this paper to the CRS4 are:
1. To introduce what Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) the CRS4 will have over their computer program.
2. To discuss the costs of each IPR protection toward computer program.

Not all kinds of intellectual property rights could grant legal protection over computer program. As the purpose of this paper is to discuss the IPR protection toward computer program, this paper will only elaborate the kinds of IPR that could provide protection to computer program.



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